Day 11: Sunday May 15th, 2005 View Photos for This Day

We got up early to pick up our rental car. It was raining pretty hard, but we had an umbrella so we walked the eight blocks to the rental car office. We picked up our stylin' Ford Taurus, picked our luggage from the hotel and made a run for the border.

We kept looking for a Tim Horton's on the way for breakfast, but never saw one, even though we saw quite a few the day before. We kept driving until we got to a strip mall type pace to find breakfast. We found a little bakery that had breakfast type stuff (but no drinks) but we could not figure out how to get back on the freeway. We started driving, but in the wrong direction! When I figured out that I had a map, we were able to make our way to the border crossing.

We had to wait in a bit of a line, but made it back to the USA after 20 minutes or so. We had about another hour plus drive before getting to Anacortes where we would pick up our ferry to San Juan Island. We were there pretty early and were hungry for lunch; luckily there was a restaurant right next to the dock where we were able to get some hot sandwiches for lunch. Although the Web site for the ferry said to get there an hour early (which we did) we barely made it on the intended one!

We had an hour long trip to Friday Harbor (on the San Juan Island.) We decided to tour the small island before checking into our hotel. The weather was still occasionally drizzly, but it was still clear. We found a lavender farm I had read about, and visited their gift shop. We just drove around looking at the scenery and wildlife -- including a camel!

We checked into the hotel, Friday Harbor House, which sat on a hill overlooking the harbor. Our room was awesome, with a great view, fireplace and Jacuzzi (every room at the hotel has these!) We hung around for a bit getting settled, before heading out to dinner at a little pub/microbrewery on the main street. It was a fun little place with yummy food. We walked around afterward, getting ice cream from "The Doctor's Office" before heading back to the hotel just in time for Extreme Home Makeover.